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Ancient, I get off at 5pm CST. So i should be online about 6pm cst on Fridays. Ill hop on as soon as I get in. Just let me know if that is ok?
Ancient, did you fill up your group yet?
Frag, just got a call from my realtor with some houses to look at. Probably will not be back in time for my progression meeting. Can you reschedule it for Wednesday at the same time for me? Thanks, Jim
Got enough interest in a new progression group. Need MOTD updated for TS meeting Tuesday at 6 pm Eastern.
ill do it on either side

Welcome to Sanctuary for Old Souls!

We are a friendly community on the Shadowlands server, we have guilds on both the republic and the imperial side. We are a family, so we help each other.

Join us on Teamspeak! it will enhance your gaming experience, and it's a must for ops (which we do often).  Info is in game :)

Teamspeak info:   no password

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact the guildmaster, or any of the officers, you can just say hi if you like.

We also have a facebook page:

Feel free to say hi as well there and like us if you can :)

Please join our steam group!

This is an article about us on the  Corellian run radio website! :D here is the link:

We are also active on conquest,  We've conquered Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa on our imperial faction and Balmorra, Nar Shaddaa, Taris, Belsavis, Section X, Oricon, Hoth and Tattooine our republic faction  :) we are constantly on the leaderboard on republic and imperial guilds.

We've expanded the community to Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), we are in the North American megaserver! come join !

Keep the great work everyone !! :D

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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2017
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